Duplicate Items

Availability: The function is available for long time, only up to eWay-CRM 5.4.0 it was name as Copy.

If you right-click an item inn the list, you are able to Duplicate it.

The item will be duplicated with values in it. The exception is relations - only these relations that are general in the database are copied (e.g. relations created by the relation field are not copied).

There are some exceptions for different modules. On described modules, values from these fields are not copied:

Module Non-copied Fields Non-copied Relations
Bookkeeping Records ID
Valid From
Date Issued
Due Date
For Payment
Date of Taxable Supply
Date of Accounting Transaction
Superior item when it is Deal.
Companies EIN / ID Projects relations
Contacts Title
First Name
Middle Name
Email 1
Email 2
Email 3
Projects relations
Deals ID Tasks relations
Calendar relations
Companies relations
Contacts relations
Journal Start Time
End Time
Marketing ID
Emails Sent
Emails Delivered
Emails Viewed
People Unsubscribed
Intended Recipients
Emails Marked as SPAM
Information when campaign was sent and responses were downloaded is not copied either.

Journal relations
Tasks relations
Calendar relations
Deals relations
Projects relations
Document relations when marketing was superior item
Email relations when marketing was superior item

Products Price List Group ID
Projects ID
End Date
Actual People Costs

Tasks relations
Calendar relations
Projects relations
Companies relations
Contacts relations
Project Manager (user)

Tasks Information that tasks was completed
Completed (%)
Completed Date
Reminder Date
Tasks relation when tasks was created from another task