Web Service Welcome Page in Web Browser

Availability: This page is available since eWay-CRM Outlook 6.1.0.

If you insert the address of your web service into a web browser, for example, you type in:


you will see this page:

The welcome page contains these important options:

  • Install eWay-CRM Outlook - you can download the up-to-date version of eWay-CRM client for Outlook
  • Log In to eWay-CRM Web - this option is active if you have an adequate license and when you click it, you will get eWay-CRM Web login page
  • Get eWay-CRM Mobile - you should open this link on your phone to get the mobile application
  • Admin Center - you will be moved to Administration Center where you can log in if you are a user with administrator permission
  • Suggest a Feature - you can suggest a new feature you would like to see in eWay-CRM
  • Support - contact eWay-CRM support


The welcome page also contains:

  • Videos about eWay-CRM and its using (tips, manuals, etc.)
  • Articles about eWay-CRM and related topics
  • Links to eWay-CRM social web pages