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6.7.18 Category: Projects

 Title   Type 
Accepted Bonus Status Page
Add Time Sheets From Deals to Calculation of People Costs and Worked Hours on Project Page
Calculate People Expenses on Projects From Time Sheet Records Page
Calculate Purchase Price of Products to Project Other Costs Page
Calculate Revenue on Projects From Bookkeeping Records Page
Copy Estimated Revenue to Actual Revenue When Estimated Revenue Is Changed Page
Disable Filter for Completed Projects Page
Log Project End Date Change to Journal Page
Log Project Revenue Change to Journal Page
Name of File Created While Exporting Item to Microsoft Word Page
Name of Groups Reminded Before Project Deadline Page
Names of Internal Projects Types Page
Notify About Team Changes Page
Notify About Upcoming Project Deadline Page
Notify All Project Team Members About New Document / Email / Journal Assigned to Project Page
Number of Days Before Project Deadline When Alert Will Be Sent Page
Project Completed Status Name Page
Project Lost Status Name Page
Resources Planning Type Page
Summarize Estimated Other Costs From Subprojects Page
Summarize Estimated People Costs From Subprojects Page
Summarize Estimated Revenue From Subprojects Page
resource_plan_type.png Image
accepted_bonus_01.png Image
accepted_bonus_02.png Image
calculate_purchase_01.png Image
name_file_project_01.png Image
name_group_reminded_01.png Image
names_internal_01.png Image
number_days_01.png Image
project_complete_name_01.png Image
project_complete_name_02.png Image
project_lost_name_01.png Image
project_lost_name_02.png Image
summarize_est_revenue_01.png Image
notify_team_changes_01.png Image
calculate_people_exp_01.png Image
add_time_sheets_02.png Image
calculate_purchase_02.png Image
calculate_revenue_project_02.png Image
copy_estimated_02.png Image
disable_filter_project_02.png Image
log_end_02.png Image
log_revenue_02.png Image
notify_upcoming_02.png Image
notify_team_02.png Image
summarize_est_people_02.png Image
summarize_est_other_02.png Image
summarize_est_revenue_02.png Image