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Adjust eWay-CRM Web Service for Active Directory Authentification

First, it is necessary to install and adjust the eWay-CRM web service, according to the manual in the help center. In IIS, on the Authentication page of the web service, it is necessary to turn off Anonymous Authentication and instead turn on Windows Authentication.

Then you need to enable anonymous signing into the web service Download folder. The Download folder must be transformed to an application and on the Authentication page turn on Anonymous Authentication. Turn everything else off.

The final step is to change the Web.config file. Beneath the system.web tag it is necessary to adjust these tags:

<authentication mode="Windows" />
<identity impersonate="false" />
<authorization><allow users="*" /></authorization>

To be able to login under the admin account, you need to create windows user and his username fill into this tag:

<add key="AdminName" value="username"/>

And these under the appSettings tag:

<add key="DomainName" value="YOUR_DOMAIN" />
<add key="UseDomainLogin" value="1" />

If non-admin user cannot log in after the settings are applied, but admin user can, it is required to add read permissions on the eWay folder.