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Compatibility of eWay-CRM With Other Applications

There are currently known to be conflicts with the following applications, which add supplements to MS Outlook during their installation.

  • ESET Outlook Add-in
  • AdAware
  • Business Contact Manager (Supplement could be listed as “Business Contact Manager for MS Outlook” or as Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.OutlookAddin.Connect.3)
  • iTunes
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector – Supplements are compatible but might cause problems due to excessive use of memory.
  • Privacy Manager Form Region Add-in – Supplement from HP. During sending emails sometimes the error message “Operation wasn't successful” is displayed and the email cannot be sent.
  • Lištička from – sometimes might block the sending of bulk mail from the Marketing module.

If you have any of mentioned applications installed and you find that Outlook closes unexpectedly and you don't see the eWay-CRM toolbars, you will need to disable these supplements and enable eWay-CRM.

The manual for the activation of eWay-CRM supplements and disabling other supplements can be found in the article “I Cannot See eWay-CRM Toolbars in MS Outlook”.