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eWay-CRM is an information system embedded directly into Microsoft Outlook and is intended for small and medium-sized companies. It helps to manage sales activities and projects within organizations along with activity planning and process automatization.

eWay-CRM is completely customizable and therefore can be easily implemented and adjusted to your requirements.

Since Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email provider and users are used to it, eWay-CRM is a welcome add-in because it looks like Outlook and users don't need to undergo complicated training.

You have a choice of selecting from two eWay-CRM editions.

eWay-CRM Free

eWay-CRM is a successor of eWay-CRM Basic. It is a ready-to-work version that is a slightly limited in some functions that are standard part of the fully developed eWay-CRM Premium. Although, eWay-CRM Free gives you advantages that are very useful for your work:

  • eWay-CRM Free is hosted on the eWay-Cloud
  • eWay-CRM Free is able to synchronize data among several PCs
  • eWay-CRM Free contains administration application for the best customization of your software

For more detailed information about the minimum server and client station requirements, read the article Minimum System Requirements.

eWay-CRM Premium

This version is intended for companies and professionals who want to adjust the system according to their preferences. Premium version encompasses an administrative application and the data sharing functionality.

The architecture of the Premium version consists of applications which users have installed on their PC (client version) and from the so-called web service which unifies data from individual client applications and stores them to the server database. This ensures the synchronization of data among users and provides the possibility of working on the same item for everyone. You can find more information about technological solutions in the article Technical Specification.

For more detailed information about the minimum server and client station requirements, read the article Minimum System Requirements.

eWay-CRM Basic

This version is no more supported! It is a previous version that could still be found on the Internet.

eWay-CRM Basic was a basic and free of charge edition. The Basic edition had been created for individuals who appreciated simplicity and predefined settings. eWay-CRM Basic can be still available on servers across the internet.