How to create task from an email?


If you are working with tasks in Microsoft Outlook, you may need to set the notification about incoming emails. There are two basic ways how to add notification - using the flag or converting the email to a task.


All versions of eWay-CRM




Add a flag to an email

It is a very quick way how to set a notification to an email. Some types of cell phones can have issues with displaying of these emails among tasks.

  1. Right-click an email and select Follow Up - you can chose the predefined term for completing.
  2. If you select Custom... you will be able to select your own date when you want to complete the task.

Convert an email to task

  1. Drag any email you want and drop it to the Task module.
  2. The new task with data from email will be created.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and higher

Higher versions of Microsoft Outlooks gives you Quick Steps in the email window where you can easily click Flag and Move.