How to Check SMTP Configuration


The article describes how to test SMTP configuration on the eWay-CRM web service


Starting from eWay-CRM 5.2




Option 1: Test Using Web Service

The method has to be run on the server where the eWay-CRM web service is installed.

The function is CheckEmailConfiguration and has two parameters:

  • SID: SID parameter from the EWD_Sessions table (when called locally from the server the parameter does not have to be supplied)
  • recipient: the email address that is used for the configuration test

The test can be made by inserting this URL into the browser, you have to change the email address to your and adjust WS URL:

http://localhost/eWay/eWayWS.asmx/CheckEmailConfiguration?SID=&[email protected]

Option 2: Test Using SQL

After you edit SMTP settings in the Web.config file, you need to re-create CLR procedures:

EXEC eWaySP_CreateClrProcedures

Then, you can send a test email:

EXEC eWaySP_SendMail '[email protected]', 'Test', 'Test'