How to Publish Your Custom Views to Other Users


User defines some custom views (for Projects or Deals, etc.) and then he or she wants to make it available for other users. User interface does not allow that, but we can help with it or user can do it on his or her own using SQL scripts.


All versions of eWay-CRM




  1. First, you need to get the list of user views for the user whose views you want to make available for other user (user1). The Path parameter contains Leads (Deals module) but you can change it to database name of any other module which user views you want to search.
FROM EWD_UserSettings UserSettings
INNER JOIN EWD_Users Users ON Users.ItemGUID = UserSettings.OwnerGUID
UserSettings.[Path] = '\Layouts\Grid\Leads\OutlookGrid\UserViews\Names\' AND
Users.UserName = 'user1'

where user1 need to be changed to the name of your user.

  1. Find the name of user view you want to make available for other user.
  2. Now, you run eWaySP_CopyUserViewToOtherUsers procedure (description to all values is right in the code - you can copy it with that, it is commented out, you just need to change values to your needs):
EXEC dbo.eWaySP_CopyUserViewToOtherUsers
N'Active Deals', -- Name of the user view
'Leads', -- Module name
'user1', -- Owner of the view
'user2' -- Name of the user who will have access to the view (if you want to copy it to more than one user, you can enter multiple usernames like this: 'user2,user3,user4,...')

When you run procedure, your user view will be available in eWay-CRM for user (user2) in the script.