Hyperlink format in emails


Since eWay-CRM 7 links in emails are generated using https://open.eway-crm.com where you can pick whether you want to use eWay-CRM Desktop or eWay-CRM Online to open the link. It works on all platforms.

If you upgrade from an older version of eWay-CRM you have to make additional changes to your setup.


All versions of eWay-CRM




Global setting UseNewOpenLinkFormat has to be enabled:

EXEC eWaySP_SetGlobalSettingValue 'UseNewOpenLinkFormat', '1'

There needs to be WebServiceAddress filled in Web.config - Publicly visible Web Service address ending with /.

<add key="WebServiceAddress" value="https://localhost/eWayWSImpala/" />

If you change it you need to recreate CLR procedures:

EXEC eWaySP_CreateClrProcedures 

You can also roll back to the legacy format which works only for eWay-CRM Desktop (eway://). Just change UseNewOpenLinkFormat to 0.