Activate eWay-CRM API (WcfService) on the server


New Versions of eWay-CRM

Since eWay-CRM 6.0, there is no need of any further installation or configuration to run the eWay-CRM. The API.svc JSON endpoint (InsecureAPI.svc in case of HTTP) runs within all standard eWay-CRM server component installations. Read more at our developer site

Previous Versions and Backward Compatibility

The following artice describes installation of the deprecated eWay-API endpoint /WcfService/Service.svc. That might be still usefull for older versions of eWay-CRM or setting up backward compatibility.


All versions of eWay-CRM




    1. Go to IIS and find eWay-CRM Web Service (in this case, it is 22841).

    1. Right-click the WcfService subfolder and create an application from it under the same application pool as is eWay-CRM Web Service.
    2. Now, you need to open Web.config file in the WcfService folder and set the path to the web service - remember, you need to add eWayWS.asmx in the end.

    1. Now, eWay-CRM API under the filled web service address should be working.
    2. To test whether API is configured properly open web browser and insert:
      If there is

"ReturnCode":"rcSuccess", API is configured correctly. In other case, there is an error in configuration. Error will be in API log.
CheckStatus is not available on API for eWay-CRM 4.3 and older. You can look at service web page:


You should see the list, where you find link to WSDL file which contains all API operations. Anyway, this won't test whether API connection with eWay-CRM web service works properly.

  • You can also test API by prepared PHP script that calls the API and checks responses. You may also use eWay-CRM Mobile to test the API.