Incorrect contacts set - synchronization rewrites phone numbers without the plus symbol


The client has the incorrect setting in MS Outlook and the synchronization of eWay-CRM rewrites the phone numbers with erasing the + symbol at the beginning. The incorrect conversion is transferred from eWay-CRM by email to the user's phone and the user cannot call.


All versions of eWay-CRM




Use these steps, if the error occurs:

  1. Go to Control Panel in MS Windows and open the Phone and Modem panel.
  2. The Location Information window opens - select your country in the first field, e.g. Czech Republic.
  3. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.
  4. Select My Location in the new window and double-click it.
  5. Just close the window by clicking OK and click OK again. The correct setting should be successfully done.

Correct form of phone numbers in eWay-CRM

The synchronization of contacts between Microsoft Outlook and eWay-CRM working correctly, if you set phone numbers in the correct form. It is appropriate to write phone numbers in eWay-CRM with the country code that is separated by space from the local number. The local number should be inserted without spaces. The correct form is this: +420 223369817

Then, if you import the eWay-CRM contact to MS Outlook, MS Outlook will display the detail of the number like this: