After Installation of eWay-CRM, Sent Emails Are Returning to the Inbox


When you install eWay-CRM to Microsoft Outlook, your sent emails will be returning to your Inbox. The issue is related only with usage of Microsoft Exchange.


All versions of eWay-CRM




The issue is related to the Microsoft Exchange Cached Mode in Microsoft Outlook and one of these steps that are necessary for the emails tracking:

  1. The tracked email must be sent back to the sender to get Message ID of the email.
  2. Email that is sent back is processed by the set eWay-CRM rule.
  3. The rule is moving the email to the eWay-CRM folder in the Sent messages, there is processed and deleted.

The error is probably caused by the rule that is set incorrectly or is not set at all. Following options gives you manual how to resolve the issue.

Option 1: Missing eWay-CRM folder in the Sent Items folder

Right-click the Sent Items folder and select the New Folder... option. Click again the Sent Items folder in the new window and name the new folder eWay-CRM. Whne the folder is created, update the eWay-CRM rule to move emails into the new folder.

Option 2: Missing rule

The rule may have not been created at all. The rule, you need to create, has to be called "eWay-CRM" and has to contain these conditions (name and email address substitute with your own specific data):

  1. Apply this rule after the message arrives
  2. From: Your email account name (for example Radim Lenger)
  3. With "X-eWay-CRM: [email protected]" in the subject (whereas you put your email address instead of [email protected])
  4. Move a copy to the "eWay-CRM" folder