Wrong Credentials After the Update to eWay-CRM 4.4


If you are updating to eWay-CRM 4.4, you can experience some issues while logging in that are described below.


eWay-CRM 4.4




Install the Correct Version

If the user has older version of eWay-CRM (e.g. 4.3) and he wants to connect to a web service that is version 4.4, the login error will appear.

eWay-CRM 4.4 has a different method to verify user's password. Because of it, you need to install correct version of client application that is expected by the web service.

Remove Incorrectly Inserted Spaces

Older versions of eWay-CRM allows you to insert username with a space at the end. New version does not allow it.

If you see the login window after the update, close Microsoft Outlook and delete spaces in the Username key in Windows Registry. You can find the key at this path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Memos\eWay Outlook Client

Password Is Not Accepted

Even though the user's password is changed via Administration Application, you cannot log in. This is related to versions 4.4.0 prior

Server_Password column at EWD_Users table is defined as CHAR. It needs to be VARCHAR. To change it, use the script below:

ALTER COLUMN Server_Password VARCHAR(32)

Then, restart the web service.