Active and Inactive Deals or Projects Are Incorrectly Filtered on eWay-CRM Mobile


If you filter projects or deals on your eWay-CRM Mobile and you want to see only active items, you can also see items that are already won.


All versions of eWay-CRM




The issue is caused by the fact that these global settings were changed in Administration Application:

If you change the status name, API cache that holds information about won and lost statuses will not notice the change. eWay-CRM Mobile will not have data about won or lost status of the deal or project even though you moved deal or project from one status to another.

You need to empty API cache: Restart IIS application of WcfService. You should found it under IIS application of eWay-CRM Web Service. After you restart API, you need to erase database on your phone and let it synchronize again.

If you have trouble with solution or you have your web service on our eWay-cloud, please contact our support.