Actions Introduction

eWay-CRM gives you the opportunity to define actions that will be automatically performed within a workflow status change. More information about the use of actions can be found in the chapter: Action Types - Before and After.

When you define actions, it is sometimes necessary to use SQL language. Every SQL request inserted into the actions definition must start with the SQL# string – for example.


eWay-CRM also works with its own symbols that can be used for action definition:

  • $CURRENT_ITEM[column name] returns information about current item whose workflow status is being changed
  • $CURRENT_USER[column name] returns information about user who is currently logged in the system and is performing the workflow status change
  • $CURRENT_ITEM_OWNER[column name] returns information about owner of the item whose workflow status is being changed

Detailed description of each action can be found in the appropriate chapters in Workflow Actions.

For more detailed information about using SQL for actions definition please contact us.