Professional Email Account

Global Settings in the Category: Marketing enables you to establish a connection of your eWay-CRM with the Professional email service that provides advanced tools for creating and sending bulk mails. For further information about this integration, see Integrate Marketing Module With Professional Email Service.

You have to have an account in order to use the Professional email service. You can create one by clicking the Professional Email Account settings and then use Registration tab. If you have used the Professional email service before and have your login details to your account, you can insert them to Login tab and work with your current account. For viewing the registration/login tab, double-click the Professional Email Account settings.


If you do not have an Professional email account yet or you want to create a new one for your eWay-CRM campaigns, you can do it right in the eWay-CRM system using the Registration tab (see picture below). Just enter an email address that will be related with this account and then choose your password. The registration will begin after clicking OK.

In the case that the registration was successful, your login details will be automatically saved into the system. Since then you are ready to use your new account with all the advantages that the integration of eWay-CRM and the Professional email service gives you. For further information about how it works, go to Integrate Marketing Module With Professional Email Service.

During the registration, it can be found out that the entered email address is already in the Professional email system (e.g. you created account with this email address in the past). If so and you use this email address for registration, after clicking the OK button the system will notify you by this message:


The Login tab allows you to connect eWay-CRM with your existing Professional email account.

In the case you entered you login details incorrectly, the dialog in the picture below will appear. You will have to correct your login details.

If you are an owner of the older Basic version of the eWay-CRM system, you are not deprived of a possibility of integration with the Professional email service. For more information, go to Global Settings Tab.