Company Sales by Account Manager

The report describes and summarizes results of salesmen. This report shows the range of sales activity by your salesmen in particular months.

Calculation Requirements

Premises for generating the report are:

  • Creation of Bookkeeping Records that have the Sales Invoice, Cash Received or Credit Note type and bookkeeping records are not new, but paid or invoiced.
  • Choose a Customer and also don't leave the bookkeeping record with no products in it.
  • You need to be granted suitable permissions for generating this report - these are permissions for viewing Bookkeeping Records, Users and Companies.

Report Parameters

Start Beginning of the period.
End End of the period.

The report is showing summary values for months.

After selecting both parameters, the report will be generated.

Generated Report

The report header shows the report name and selected time period.

Table Columns

The first column contains names of all salesmen (users that are an  item owner to at least one company in the system) in the system. The name of the salesman is a link. Click it and the User window will be opened. There is also a + icon next to each name - when you click it a list of companies that the user is owner of, expands.

Following columns represent particular months in the selected time period. One column is for one month.

The last column summarizes values for each salesman in the whole time period. In expanded list of companies is also showing the sum of sales for each company.

Table Rows

Each light blue line represents one sales person, for whom all sales made within the referenced period to any of his(her) company is listed and grouped by months. For more details click the icon + in front of the user name to see which companies are the sales binded to.

Each white line represents one company for which there are listed in the columns all sales, which occured in the monitored period. The amounts referred to in individual cells thus represent the sum of the total prices of particular product in bookkeeping records of the Sales Invoice, Cash Received or Credit Note type, which validity (From) is in the particular month. Values are displayed with a currency that is set as Default Currency. If the currency of the bookkeeping record is different to Default Currency and there is no exchange rate between them, value of the bookkeeping record will not be in the report.

The last line summarizes sales to all companies of selected Account manager grouped by months.