Notify User About Relations to Journal

During your work, it is also necessary to have an overview about relations to a journal you have been related to. If you lose the insight, you can start add journals to incorrect projects where they are not up-to-date or you relate them to unsuitable deals, etc. eWay-CRM has a simple solution for these needs. You can track existing relations to a journal you were added to. eWay-CRM has a simple function that automatically notifies user that journal he has been related to has existing relations to a project, deal, company, or contact.

You have immediately an overview about project, deal, company, or contact which are related to a journal with who you have a new relation.

If the notification is active (see below), all users that have a new relation to the journal will receive an email saying what relations to the journal are existing. Notification is sent by email, so it is necessary that each user has email address filled in his or her User window. If the email address is not filled, notification cannot be received.

Set the Notification

The notification will be sent only to the users that are newly related to the journal. Setting (turning on and off) of the notification is in the Administration application of eWay-CRM in the Global Settings section, category Journal.

For more information about notification settings in Administration Application, go to Notify User About Journal on Project or Deal or Company or Contact When Relation Between Journal and User Is Created.

If a notification is set, authorized users will receive (in described cases) similar email:

The language of the notification email is same as Default Language.