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Notification About Incomplete Tasks

You can experience small problem - your tasks are accumulating. Some days are very rough and you have a lot of tasks to complete. You can lost the overview and forget to complete important tasks. eWay-CRM want you to have your overview every day. You have task list where you can filter your items as you want, but eWay-CRM gives you the opportunity to send daily notification of incomplete tasks.

If you turn on the notification, you will receive every morning the email with all your tasks that are incomplete (black) and incomplete and overdue (red).

You will know about all tasks you need to complete at the da right in the morning, or we can set you the time when you want to receive notification emails.

Sett the Notification

The notification will be sent only to the user that has incomplete tasks (before the deadline or overdue). Setting (turning on and off) of the notification is in the Administration application of eWay-CRM in the Global Settings section, category Tasks.

For more information about notification settings in Administration Application, go to Send Daily Tasks Report.

If a notification is set, users will receive (in described cases) similar email:

The language of the notification email is same as Default Language.