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Client Installation (Since eWay-CRM 6.1.0)

1) Start the Installation of eWay-CRM

Description how to download install file is here (Step 3). Or you can use general link for installation files that is where VERSION is current version of eWay-CRM. For example: (this link is only a non-functional example!).

Important: If you want to dowload eWay-CRM using link above, you need to now number of newest version.

Shut down all programs of the Microsoft Office pack (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.). Launch the installation file. You will see the first dialog of the installation guide.

Click Install to start the installation of eWay-CRM.

You can click X in the top-right corner of the window and abort the installation.

2) Installation


Microsoft Windows may ask you, whether you really want to install eWay-CRM. Please confirm that you want.

The installation begins and you can see the progress by the bar in the dialog:

Even during the installation process, you can still abort the installation by clicking X.

3) Successful Installation

The successful installation ends with this window:

The Start Microsoft Outlook button allows you to run Microsoft Outlook with eWay-CRM immediately. During the first start, you will create eWay-CRM account and your database.