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Notification About System Health

eWay-CRM is the system that tries to maximize the automatic procedures that are needed in CRM. eWay-CRM wants to provide you the highest level of comfort, and that is why some procedures are running in specific times (they are called jobs). In some cases, it can happen that jobs fails in proceeding.

Jobs related to the notification are, for example, exchange rates update, database backup, currency conversion, etc. These functions are automatic and you don't need to launch them manually. Although, you need to have an overview whether jobs run correctly, more precisely whether there was not any malfunction. eWay-CRM will inform you by email in the case of jobs malfunction.

Notification is automatic, but you can specify some settings. In the case, you have appropriate permissions, you can set in the Administration Application:

Email Structure

The notification contains basic information for easy identification of failed job. The email contains the specification of the error for easier fixing. The language of the notification is same as your default language of eWay-CRM (Czech or English). Email will look like this:

Name The name of the failed job.
Error The specific error that can be used for the fixing from the eWay-CRM company, in the case, the job won't start later and correctly.
Failure time Date and time that shows when and how many failures appeared.