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Installation of eWay-CRM on Terminal Server


The article describes the installation of eWay-CRM on the terminal server with SQL instance installed on another server.


All versions of eWay-CRM




  1. First, you need to prepare a higher version SQL instance (not Express) that is installed on a different server than the terminal.
  2. Give the public and dbcreator permission to the DOMAIN\Users group or to each user so eWay-CRM will be able to create the database.
  3. One of the users (and the first one who will be synchronized) should have the sysadmin permission so the CLR procedures can be created.
  4. CLR procedures are loaded from eWay.Core.SqlClr.dll file that must be manually copied from the eWay-CRM install folder to the same place as SQL Server, if the place is different from the terminal.
  5. On the terminal in C:\Program Data\eWay-CRM create the config.ini file. Values user and password can be skipped. If so, Windows Authentication will be used.
  1. Now, you can start eWay-CRM and sign users into their accounts.