How to Install eWay-CRM in Offline Mode


The article describes the way of installing eWay-CRM when you are offline.


All versions of eWay-CRM




At first, you still need installation file of eWay-CRM. You can download it from this link: where VERSION is current version of eWay-CRM. For example: (this link is only an example!).

Then, you need to create installation folder that will contain all required components. You have to be still online at this time. Just insert this command to the command line in Microsoft Windows:

eWayCRM- /quiet /layout eWay-CRM_Offline /log OfflineSetup.txt

The command must contain same version as your installation file. The command must be run in the folder where the installation file is!

Then, just run EXE file in the eWay-CRM_Offline folder. If you want to move the installation file to other computer, you need to move whole folder.