Synchronization Error While Adding Time Sheet


If you want to add time sheet, the synchronization is failing.

The log will show this or similar error:

Synchronization failed
eWay.Core.DataInterface.StoreException: Uploading of items failed.
---> eWay.Core.DataInterface.StoreException: Cannot save items to webservice to folder 'WorkReports'
---> eWay.Core.WebService.eWayWebServiceException: Web service returned an error (rcGeneralError):
Problem executing trigger 'eWaySP_FillDayTypeEn' on item 'e9f7a8cf-c34c-11e4-be97-008cfa71e124'. Details: @UserGUID cannot be null


All versions of eWay-CRM




If the error occurs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the server and open the procedure that shows error (in this case it is eWaySP_FillDayTypeEn).
  2. Turn the error to a comment.
  3. Run the procedure ad check by the GUID whether the time sheet is synchronized correctly.
  4. Return the procedure to the default settings.