Creating New Journal After Phone Call Does Not Work


Some mobile devices can have issue with creating new journal after a phone call, even though this functionality is correctly set. The issue can be related to more devices, but users reported and we diagnosed this issue mainly on Huawei/Honor devices.


eWay-CRM 4.3.1 and higher




Huawei and other manufacturers of mobile devices do not meet specification of Android system from Google. The system on mobile device behaves incorrectly because of this.

Manual Shut Down (Kill) of eWay-CRM Mobile on Huawei/Honor

The Huawei's user closes the application by the "square" button and then swipes it out, it also unregisters some of the related functionalities. Application cannot respond on calls anymore and journal cannot be created. The function is enabled again when user opens app to the whole window.

This behavior can be also caused by cleaning applications that regularly closes applications. eWay-CRM cannot affect behavior of systems on Huawei/Honor devices.

Incorrect Identification of Calls on Huawei/Honor

When the call is over, the system provides incorrect information about the call. eWay-CRM Mobile cannot identify the call correctly so it cannot create a journal.

This issue is resolved on eWay-CRM 5.0.0 and higher (eWay-CRM Mobile 1.0.7 and higher).