Logs Management

Logs are files that help solve problems when eWay-CRM is not working correctly. Log shows error records that can be significant for solving problems.

Display Logs

Logs are available in Administration Application where you just click Logs in left menu.

You will see the drop-down menu field where you can select the log you want to display. The displayed log can be downloaded by clicking Download.

If you choose a log, its records will be shown under the drop-down menu field. Current records are at the end of the list - the cursor jumps right to the end of the listing.

Logs help to find out errors of web service, eWay Timer, or other components that are necessary for the correct work of eWay-CRM.

Refresh Log

Records in the log are added permanently, so you should know whether there are new records or not. If you have opened a log you want to refresh, just click the Refresh button in the ribbon.

Availability: Logs in Administration Application are available since eWay-CRM 5.1.2.