Hide Modules (Customize eWay-CRM)

Module permissions allows you not only limit the usage of modules for different groups, but you can totally hide the module for selected user group. Users will not be able to see the module at all.

Hiding modules is very useful for the customization of eWay-CRM. You will work only with those modules that you really need. You do not use documents? Hide them. Your business process is not based on projects, then you do not need to see this module.

Requirements and Setting

The basic requirement is that you have credentials to log in to eWay-CRM Administration Application.

Go to Module Permissions - here, you can easily hide any module for any user group you need. Click the user group and then select module you want to hide. In the View column, you need to set permissions to No Items (Hide Module).


You decided that you do not need the Projects module because your company works different way. Let's hide it. eWay-CRM displays Projects module in default:

But if you hide module (based on the description above), the result will be like this:

Projects module is not in the eWay-CRM ribbon anymore. But module is not hidden only from the ribbon,it is hidden in the whole eWay-CRM system. If you hide the module, you will not see it anymore at all.


eWay-CRM needs some modules for its fundamental functions, so even if you use No Items (Hide Module) permissions, you will still be able to see the module. These modules cannot be totally hidden:

  • Users
  • Exchange rates
  • Categories