Other Settings

You need to go to Administration Application to the Other Settings section.

You will see the list of all modules with two other columns: Allow History Tracking and Allow Users Mark Items as Private.

Activity History Tracking

eWay-CRM allows you to track history of all changes that were made on each item. for example, if a user make a change on address of a contact, all users can see what the change was, who did it and when.

Administrator can set what modules' history will be tracked.

In the other settings, you see the list of all modules which history can be tracked. Just mark all modules you want to track. If you are implementing GDPR in your business, we recommend to track history of changes on contacts, companies, deals and projects, but choice is yours.

As soon as you mark some module, history of changes on all its items will be saved.

Users have easy access to this history in the item dialog. If the tracking for the module is turned on, just open the dialog, for example contact, whose history of changes you want to display. You will see the History icon in the dialog ribbon.

History icon on dialog will be shown only to users who have rights to see History. You can set permissions in the History column of Module Permissions.

Click the History icon and you will see the list of all changes that where done on this item since the tracking on the module is turned on.

Column Description
Modified on Server

Date and time when the change was done on server. The time is in time zone of the server. It is used for sort of the table.

Availability: The column is available since eWay-CRM 5.4.2.

Modified Date and time when the change was made on client. Because the client can be offline in the time of change, this column is not used for sorting in default setting.
Field Name Name of the field where the change was made.
Previous Value The value that was changed.
New Value New value in the field.
Modified by User who made the change.
Client The column specifies in what client the change was made, whether it was in eWay-CRM for Outlook, eWay-CRM Mobile or elsewhere.

Availability: Activity History Tracking is available since eWay-CRM 5.2.0.

Private Items

 Item can be marked as private, so only its owner can see it. But administrator can specify on what modules the private button will be available. The function will be available only for modules that are marked in the column Allow Users Mark Items as Private.

Availability: Allow users mark items private only for some modules is available since eWay-CRM 5.4.2.