Restrictions of MS Outlook Within Work With Tasks

Full integration of our system to MS Outlook unfortunately does not bring just pros. Currently the biggest handicap is the complete dependence of eWay on MS Outlook’s functionality. Simply put, if a MS Outlook function doesn't work properly you can’t expect it to work in eWay-CRM either.

Consequently we decided to share with you the most frequently repeated errors and disadvantages which we found out while testing.

Restrictions When Using IMAP Protocol (Tested on GMAIL)

Forwarded Tasks Cannot Be Opened Via IMAP.

Tested in the situation where all three users use IMAP.

The problem occurs when an assigned task (recipient accepted task from submitter and became solver) is transferred from the solver to another user. This last user, to whom the task was delegated, is unable to open the task.

Restriction When Using Microsoft Exchange

No restrictions

Restriction When Using Microsoft Exchange With IMAP Protocol

Sending tasks between a user with an MS Exchange account and a user with an IMAP account doesn't work. The task is delivered as an email message.