Full Name Format

Full Name Format defines what will be the default format for name that is displayed in the Full Name column in Contacts and Users modules.

Double-clicking Full Name Format in reports in the list will bring up the Global Setting card.

Field on the Global Setting Detail

The field is intended for selecting the full name format. Available are:

  • First Name Last Name (name in the format, e.g. "John Smith")
  • Last Name, First Name (name in the format, e.g. "Smith, John")


Clicking OK in the lower part of the Global Setting card will save changes and close the card. If you wish to close the Global Setting card without saving any changes, click Cancel.

!!!IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! It can take a couple of minutes / hours to update all records in your local database depending on your computer performance. Please be patient.

Availability: The setting is available since eWay-CRM 5.4.3.