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Drop-Down Menus

Availability: New Administration Center is available since eWay-CRM 6.0.0.

eWay-CRM contains drop-down menu fields that are specific for different modules and their functions. In drop-down menu, user should see only those values that are important and meaningful for him or her. For example: If you are creating  invoices only in USD and EUR, there is no need to have other currencies in the Currency field. Each module has specific drop-down menus and it can e customized.

Drop-Down Menus link is in the Customizations section in the Administration Center.

Drop-Down Menus for Different Modules

When you click Drop-Down Menus you will see the list of all modules in eWay-CRM.

Select a module and click it. You will see all drop-down menus that are available for chosen module. For example, on bookkeeping record, you can see VAT and Currency drop-down menus that are used for selecting VAT rate and currency on invoices and other bookkeeping records.

Column Function
Name Name of the drop-down menu in the language of Administration Center.
Tech. Name Database name of the field.

Drop-Down Menu Types

Types of drop-down menus is specified right next to drop-down menu name. Types are:

Drop-Down Menu Type Specification
System Default drop-down menus that are important for the correct function of eWay-CRM. Possibilities of editing these drop-down menus are very limited.
Custom Field These drop-down menus are created by users. These are custom fields of drop down and multi select drop down menu - see Custom Fields.
Non-specified Default drop-down menus that can be edited.

Work With Drop-Down Menus

If you want to edit some drop-down menu, just move cursor on it and click the pencil icon:

The dialog for drop-down menu editing will open:

Column Function
3x3 Square Icon You can change order of values by drag-and-drop.
Recycle Bin Icon Delete value (value can be deleted if it is not system or it is not used on some drop-down menus).
Visible Set whether the value will be visible or not for users.
Default Set what value will be automatically selected in new item. Only one value can be set as default.
Tech. Name Database name of the value that can be used for other functions in eWay-CRM.
Language Columns Translations of values to languages that are available in eWay-CRM.

Add New Value

System drop-down menus does not support his option, but on other drop-down menus, just click + icon in the top left corner of the dialog.

New row appears and you just insert tech. name and translations for different languages if you need them. You can also drag-and-drop the value to put it in order you want.

For changes confirmation, click Save.

Special Drop-Down Menus

Type on Journal and Documents

Both drop-down menus contain specific column: Use for Last Activity Calculation.

If items in the list are marked, this type of journal or document will be used for calculation of Last Activity - see Last Activity Attributes.

Type on Tasks

Drop-down menus contains specific column: Use for Next Step Calculation.

If items in the list are marked, this type of task will be used for calculation of Next Step - see Next Step Attributes.