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Users Module Introduction

The Users module shows a list of all users in the eWay-CRM system. The module is used as a tool to give you a summary of all your employees. But more than that - if you have the appropriate permissions, you can see data as seen by your employees. The User window shows folders with the user's tasks, his calendar, communication with clients or his documents.

The User window gives you access to other important employees sections. Consequently you can set the employee's salary (this is reflected in his sheets), manage leave request or register successfully completed trainings.

Users List

Clicking the Users icon on the eWay-CRM toolbar will open a list of all users that are saved in the eWay-CRM system.

If you want to edit the default list view and choose the data you are interested in, go to Main List, where you can find general information on working with main list.

You can see basic information about users in the main list that you previously filled. You have to double-click the user for more information. The User window will open.

Only active users are displayed in the default view.

User Management

The Users module is very specific, unlike with other modules, you can only add new users through Administration Settings. For more information, go to Users.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can perform the following actions:

User Window

Double-clicking a selected user will bring up his working window.

Basic Information

Basic information about a user (employee). The more information you fill, the easier it is to find an item and work with it in eWay-CRM. You can also insert Profile Picture of a user.

E.g. Imporatant is the Supervisor field - the supervisor has a right to approve or reject users bonus request.


The actual address of the user.

Note Any text you want to add to a user.

For other general information on working window, go to Item Window.