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List of Items (Data)

By clicking the selected module icon, a list of items belonging to that module will load. Learn how to manage your data.
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Basics of Work With List Page
Adjust the List Columns Page
Sort Items in the List Page
Filter Items Page
Conditional Formatting Page
Search the List Page
Quick Search and Filtering by Column Page
Grouping of Items Page
User Views Page
Create New Items Page
Edit Items Page
Remove Items Page
Create Item Links and Open Them Page
Item Categorization Page
Context Menu of Item Page
Context Menu Outside of Items Page
Duplicate Items Page
Summarization Bar Page
Edit Items From List and Bulk Edit Page
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condition_08.png Image
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condition_10.png Image
condition_11.png Image
condition_12.png Image
condition_13.png Image
sum_01.png Image
sum_02.png Image
sum_03.png Image
adjust_list_01_01.png Image
adjust_list_02_01.png Image
adjust_list_03_01.png Image
sort_list_01_01.png Image
sort_list_02_01.png Image
quick_01_01.png Image
quick_02_01.png Image
quick_03_01.png Image
quick_04_01.png Image
quick_05_01.png Image
groups_01_02.png Image
groups_02_02.png Image
groups_03_02.png Image
groups_04_02.png Image
create_new_01_01.png Image
create_new_02_01.png Image
create_new_03_01.png Image
create_new_04_01.png Image
create_new_05_01.png Image
delete_01_01.png Image
delete_02_01.png Image
context_menu_02.png Image
bulk_edit_01_01.png Image
bulk_edit_02_01.png Image
user_views_01_02.png Image
user_views_02_02.png Image
user_views_03_02.png Image
user_views_04.png Image
user_views_05.png Image
user_views_06.png Image
delete_03.png Image
delete_04.png Image
excel_base_filter_01.png Image
excel_base_filter_02.png Image
duplicate.png Image
list_01.png Image
list_02.png Image
filter_01_02.png Image
filter_02_02.png Image
filter_03_02.png Image
filter_05_02.png Image
categories_01_02.png Image
categories_02_02.png Image
categorize_01.png Image
categories_03_02.png Image
categories_04_02.png Image
find_panel_01.png Image
find_panel_02.png Image
find_panel_03.png Image
find_panel_04.png Image
filter_04a.png Image
filter_04b.png Image
filter_04c.png Image
sum_02_01.png Image
sum_04.png Image
sum_03_01.png Image
context_item_01_04.png Image
context_item_02_04.png Image
context_item_04_01.png Image
context_item_03_03.png Image
new_category_01.png Image
new_category_02.png Image