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Keyboard Shortcuts


Since version and higher eWay-CRM supports the use of keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + P Print a preview of a current dialog.
Ctrl + S Save changes on a dialog.
Ctrl + Shift + S Save changes and close dialog.
F5 Update dialog data.
Alt + F1 Show a tooltip with the database name of the selected field in the item window (database names are used, for example, for creating workflow actions).
Shift + Esc Cancel the editing of the time sheet values right in the Time Sheet list without saving changes.
Ctrl + Z Returns action when you are using the Form Designer - for more information, go to Customize Dialogs With Form Designer.

Global Shortcuts

This global shortcut works anywhere in Windows.

Ctrl + Delete It erases the value selected in the field of the combo box type (e.g. Sale price on the company).
Win + Shift + J New journal window will be opened.
Win + Shift + K New task window will be opened. (Available since eWay-CRM 5.4.3.)

Phone Calls

If you are using calling right from eWay-CRM, you can use shortcuts in some TAPI drivers:

Win + N Accept call.
Win + Shift + N End call.